Task 1: Self-Presentation on Camera

For many years I’ve written and art directed for TV advertising, instructional and education films. I have never been in front of a camera myself professionally.  Even as a photographer I avoid being in front of one. There have also been instances where I have spoken in front of hundreds of people, but I am more concerned about being recorded than standing in front of a room full of people. Until now I never thought about if I don’t go in front of a camera, how can I ever empathise with an actor in one of our marketing videos? A thought for the next production.

So in going it alone without a crew of experts, some of the things I have considered for this video.


There are many aspects to my life as a dad, husband, football player (believe it or not), photographer, occasional goof, gardener and my working life. I am passionate about everything.


The audience for this video, unless others stumble across it, is my fellow Deakin students and teaching staff. From what I’ve been able to determine many are studying media in particular digital media. So I decided on a brief insight into my professional life.


This video is an informative piece, and I’m not trying to sell my services. The tone will be semi-formal and reflect some of my personal branding.


Being pressed for time along with wanting to share where I spend most evenings at the moment, I have selected my study with the red walls. I have enhanced the scene to reflects some of my work and if you look hints closely to other parts of my life. Even my new copy of Veiled Sentiments by Lila Abu-Lughod form my Anthropology 102 subject. I will wear a collared white short to stand out from the scene.


Up until now, filming for this subject has been on my new S9 smartphone using Adobe Clip. I photograph with a Canon EOS 5D MkIII and rarely shoot video with it and for the moment I’ll continue to use the S9. Natural lighting through the south-facing window with an old constant light setup I have pulled from storage.


I created a script (Link) which is only a loose guide, and I have written some promote points. Original draft ran too long on camera. Some editing it was still an effort to get the video as close to 2 minutes as possible. I was able to film in one take although it took many attempts due to interruptions or I wasn’t happy with framing or other elements.

Final editing.

My video editor that came with my computer keeps failing. For the first time in over 10 years, I have used Adobe Premiere. A quick brush and I was able to put the final edits together. It was also an opportunity to create an intro slide and I will work on a sting in the future.


Far from perfect but is the most complex self-production to date for me. I am attempting to film 30-second clips and I need to work on my presentation skills in front of the camera. I’m finding myself becoming more confident even after dozens of takes.

I need to work out how to improve the audio without having invest in expensive equipment. Recording in a hard furnished room didn’t help the end production.