Slow Motion Home

Heading home after another long day cooped up in an office staring at a 24″ screen, well 2 of them. I hit the train leaving Melbourne, heading into North West.

The fast-changing landscape zooms past and the slow-motion capture on the camera is very helpful. At the moment I’m heading home during the golden hour of light which make filming out the dirty window cinematic.

The open grassland to Melbourne’s west is being torn up and divided. The green spaces become red dust as the volcanic soil is exposed and then paved over.¬†All the little poorly built boxes crammed shoulder-to-shoulder become home to our out-of-control population growth.

Endangered plants like the rice paper flowers are grassland extracted and moved to a reserve on the side of an extinct volcano rising above the flat land. This land was once home to quolls, flocks of emus, legless lizards and being replaced by sparrows, dogs and cats.