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Digital Marketing Podcast

I’m working on a pilot of a new podcast for small business owners and those new to digital marketing. This is something new for me although I have taught a large number of people at General Assembly. My work with a large number of small to medium business has shown me that there is a desire to know […]

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Task 1: Self-Presentation on Camera

For many years I’ve written and art directed for TV advertising, instructional and education films. I have never been in front of a camera myself professionally.  Even as a photographer I avoid being in front of one. There have also been instances where I have spoken in front of hundreds of people, but I am […]

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Smoking Monkey

Monkey Business

Well, Dr Kellogg that was a crazy thought. Kellogg had dreamt of conducting an experiment in which he was able to raise a young chimp, like a human child. He had heard about and was fascinated about by wild children raised with no human contact. Imagine a child left to fend for themselves and raised by wild […]

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