Melbourne Along the River

Cradle to the Grave

Here I was, thinking that I have ultimate control over my body and health. Well, that doesn’t seem to precisely right and when at the most vulnerable stages of life as a child or elderly, our power diminishes. Not surprising then that these two stages of life are a capitalist gold mine. As Foucault’s Right […]

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Defining Melbourne

I listened to this week’s podcast while on the train heading from my peri-urban home into the heart of Melbourne CBD. It was like watching a narrated documentary as the city passed the window. Luckily the podcast was just the right length. And hence my lengthy response this week. My morning involves both “Town and […]

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Pin Up Photography

I spend a lot of time doing pin up photography around Victoria and Australia. Pin up models are closely associated with the the Rockabilly subculture which seems to be growing here in Australia. Based on all things Rock-n-Roll from the classic cars, dance, fashion and held together with the music. It has it’s own language, […]

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Gothic Horror Experiment

Secret of Cherry House I have been working on a photo essay looking at the Gothic Horror genre. The task is to deliver what would identify within the Genre. My favourite component is the idea of the uncanny and the threshold moments, from lightness to dark (or back again). These are a few of my reference […]

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gothic horror

A bit of Gothic Horror

What constitutes a gothic subculture? Gothic Literature has only been of passing interest until now. Gothic literature is a magnificent construct of fiction and horror with love, if not lust, integrated into the storylines. The genre appeared like a vampire looking for blood ad midnight in the mid 18th century. The publication of Walpole’s Castle of […]

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Digital Inclusion in Australia

Task 3 – ALM 102 Introduction I decided to look at the digital divides but from a different perspective. Digital inclusion looks at the gaps in population segments of the Australian community that need to be addressed with the aim of providing equal access to all. The idea of ‘inclusion’ as a positive word rather […]

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The Thursday Walk

I thought I would start randomly filming small film bites. Maybe these would come in handy for future projects. While I’m very new to editing I thought it would be a good chance to practice my cutting, transitions and for the first time playing with colour levels and tone. Although rough I’m fairly happy with […]

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