New Ways of Watching – Video task 2


Surveillance in Construction

I wanted to have a topic to focus on for this task. I have heard first-hand about how theft from building sites is a growing issue and have seen the video surveillance being used.  So why is the industry turning to video surveillance and what new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, will help with surveillance?

The aim of the video:

To communicate the impact of theft and damage to the building industry and how video and new surveillance technologies can be used to protect building sites.

Researching the facts

I was surprised by how little up-to-date available data in the cost of theft and damage to these sites. I was unable to find non-marketing based data on how much video surveillance saves building sites or the industry as a whole. During the research phase, I approached three video surveillance suppliers in the industry who were unable to give me figures.

Pre-Production & Planning

I started with a rough script and outline for the story, explaining the issue and how the industry is adapting. After developing the outline I decided on using graphics/text to communicate the story rather than my voice, which I felt wasn’t suitable for the topic. The plan was to use Creative Commons images (mainly for the intro) and video. I was also aiming t produce 75% or more original footage. This would give the chance to work with a variety of creative commons video and images.


It took a couple of trips out to film and photograph my material due to weather, but I was about to create about 30 minutes of footage in total. I used a third-party tool to grab creative commons content from YouTube and stills from Unsplash. I did investigate other creative common video sites and most didn’t have the content I needed. I also sought out footage from surveillance companies. One company was helpful with some actual footage of men damaging a new house. I even had the chance to learn how to pixelate faces. Unfortunately, they demanded that I remove all other brands of surveillance before they would give me release on the footage, which I rejected.

Experimenting with editing

I also wanted to experiment with other types of overlay methods. I also tried to use dissolves and fades in different ways. The first part of the video uses cross-dissolves where I’ve used the dip to black to try to add a more dream-contemplation feel. Finding a suitable audio track with about the right length was a challenge. I found a suitable track, although a little sorter that I would have liked. This gave me a base to time edits and to set the pace of the video.

A final note on the production

The editing process took a lot longer than I planned. I should have taken the time to create a more detailed storyboard or a list of shots required. Learning how to use Adobe Premiere took a while and I invested dozens of hours over the past few weeks. Although it is reasonably straightforward I still had a few issues. I was able to have a bit of a try at After Effects and I would have liked to use more for the supers, but I’ll look more into it at another time. It also took a while to get my head around the Creative Commons crediting not having the benefit of the previous unit.

I’m relatively happy with the end result, even though I’m being overly critical.

Screen of the final edit sequence


Produced and Edited by Brett Allen


Brett Allen

Tobias Jussen “Watchdog” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Scott Web “404” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Rishabah Varshney “Outdoor CCTV” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Alex Knight “Ceiling Surveillance Camera” Licensed  CC-0 1.0–kMa8BgU/info

Rob Sarmiento “Security camera on a building” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Theo Thomaidis “Watching You” Licensed CC-0 1.0

João Rocha “Info” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Nathaniel Dahan “Oversight 2” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Paweł Czerwiński “Surveillance camera” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Rohan G “Watching” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Kyle Glenn “Info” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Paweł Czerwiński “Surveillance camera” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Michael Aleo “Big brother is watching” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Nathaniel Dahan “Oversight 2” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Bernard Hermant “Info” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Siarhei Plashchynski “Tracking” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Ibrahim Rifath “you are being watched” Licensed CC0

Dorian Hurst “Info” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Daniel von Appen “Info” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Diana Măceşanu “Info” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Alexandre Debiève “Look at the corner” Licensed CC-0 1.0

Claus Grünstäudl “My morning view” Licensed CC-0 1.0 Licence

Video Source

Construction Site and Street Footage by Brett Allen

Marco Tempest “Drone Swarm” Licensed CC BY 3.0

Andrew Hansen “Perth New Stadium” Licensed CC BY 3.0

Boston Dynamics Robots “Introducing Wildcat” Licensed CC BY 3.0

Diego Cavalca “Object Detection with Tensorflow API”  Licensed CC BY 3.0

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End of Time by Ugonna Onyekwe – Youtube Free Use

Corporate “Intro Logo Short”
Purchased Royalty Free

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This video production Copyright © Brett Allen 2018