Smoking Monkey

Monkey Business

Well, Dr Kellogg that was a crazy thought.

Kellogg had dreamt of conducting an experiment in which he was able to raise a young chimp, like a human child. He had heard about and was fascinated about by wild children raised with no human contact. Imagine a child left to fend for themselves and raised by wild animals… hang on this sounds like Tarzan to me. The article on the Smithsonian Magazine website has the story and fascinating video.

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Masterchef in the Jungle

A team of researchers studying white-faced capuchin monkeys in Panama noticed the males breaking coconuts, crabs, and snails. Strangely this behaviour is isolated to a particular group and hasn’t spread to the broader area. The researchers suggest that the monkeys are entering their own Stone Age. The smarter-than-average individual began using the tools and the others copied him. Given limited food options, tools can increase their chance of survival.

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Thanks to Cassandra Hilton Wood (classmate) for the links.