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Have you heard about the Houdini Alphabet?

Complete unrelated to any study we were reviewing the website on VC company NFX and I discovered the Houdini Alphabet. Why haven’t heard of this before? A possibility I’ve seen it and forgotten, I am getting old you know.

What is the Houdini Alphabet?

Houdini Alphabet

It is graphic in a rectangle with two circles stacked vertically, the intersecting horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines to create a bilateral design. With the design you can trace out every letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0 through 9.

Six months after Harry Houdini died his collection of books, personal scrapbooks etc were shipped to the US Library of Congress. The content of the collect were studies and information about magic, spiritualism, witchcraft, demonology, hypnotism, escapology, and more. 

Anyone can view the collection because it’s in a public library. So in 1990, a friend and I paid a visit and were granted permission to access the “stacks” in the back where most of the materials are shelved. Being surrounded by books that Houdini pored over as recently as 64 years earlier was truly an indescribable feeling.

With in the collection one small piece of paper with a simple illustration on it. It is uncertain that he designed the image but a typewritten caption read “This figure contains all the letters in the alphabet.”

Image source and the full story Houdini Museum

Header Image.
Feb 17th 1910 a crowd of 20,000 gathered at Queen’s Bridge to watch Houdini’s great escape.
Picture: State Library of Victoria.