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Digital Marketing Podcast

I’m working on a pilot of a new podcast for small business owners and those new to digital marketing. This is something new for me although I have taught a large number of people at General Assembly. My work with a large number of small to medium business has shown me that there is a desire to know and do more. Often budget or lack of resources restricts how much they can achieve.

With social playing a part of a small businesses marketing efforts most get it wrong. Social media for a business is not about random posts but a well thought out plan to attract, engage and activate their followers. Even with the best plans, people will not convert directly from social but rather in-store or via organic search. These are the kinds of topics I hope to cover.

So far I have recorded an intro and sting and teaching myself Adobe Audition. I’m tempted to buy a proper recording kit but I’ll have to work with what I have for now.

Now to get started.

Update: I’ve created an intro.