Queen Victoria Market

Right of the City

The City of Melbourne or the State Government like to promote with much fanfare, unique urban spaces such as Federation Square as a space for social interactions. Like they are cementing their sovereignty over our urban lives by giving us “beautiful” spaces (while approving the destruction of heritage buildings). Our Right to the City (Stead), […]

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Push & Pull of Global Cities

I work for a company that is very much part knowledge and service industries and contributes to the networked economy. To grow and adapt, it has embraced the concept of global cities. Sassen states “global city brings a strong emphasis on the networked economy because of the nature of the industries that tend to be […]

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Melbourne Along the River

Cradle to the Grave

Here I was, thinking that I have ultimate control over my body and health. Well, that doesn’t seem to precisely right and when at the most vulnerable stages of life as a child or elderly, our power diminishes. Not surprising then that these two stages of life are a capitalist gold mine. As Foucault’s Right […]

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