Melbourne Along the River

Cradle to the Grave

Here I was, thinking that I have ultimate control over my body and health. Well, that doesn’t seem to precisely right and when at the most vulnerable stages of life as a child or elderly, our power diminishes. Not surprising then that these two stages of life are a capitalist gold mine. As Foucault’s Right […]

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gothic horror

A bit of Gothic Horror

What constitutes a gothic subculture? Gothic Literature has only been of passing interest until now. Gothic literature is a magnificent construct of fiction and horror with love, if not lust, integrated into the storylines. The genre appeared like a vampire looking for blood ad midnight in the mid 18th century. The publication of Walpole’s Castle of […]

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Smoking Monkey

Monkey Business

Well, Dr Kellogg that was a crazy thought. Kellogg had dreamt of conducting an¬†experiment in which he was able to raise a young chimp, like a human child. He had heard about and was fascinated¬†about by wild children raised with no human contact. Imagine a child left to fend for themselves and raised by wild […]

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