The Western Wall

In the early morning light on Monday morning in Sprint, the western face of Melbourne is buzzing with the sound of construction workers as they transform the western face of Melbourne’s CBD. Over the past few years old low rise buildings have made way for towers of steel, glass and even flammable cladding. Groups of […]

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Vintage Weekend in Port Fairy.

Spring, at last, the start of the Vintage and Rockabilly season in Victoria. One of the only overnight evens for me this season, the 3 hours drive through the Western Plains of Victoria is one my favourites. Leaving Bacchus Marsh and through Ballarat, it is like driving back through time and history. The saddest part […]

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Old Forgotten Highway Home

Many years ago the town of Wallace in Melbourne’s West, near Ballarat, was bypassed. The road that runs through Wallace was once the main highway between Melbourne and Ballarat, which was the trail set by earlier settlers and those driven to the nearby goldfields. Then came the cars, and more vehicles until the road became […]

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Queen Victoria Market

Right of the City

The City of Melbourne or the State Government like to promote with much fanfare, unique urban spaces such as Federation Square as a space for social interactions. Like they are cementing their sovereignty over our urban lives by giving us “beautiful” spaces (while approving the destruction of heritage buildings). Our Right to the City (Stead), […]

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Southern Cross Station

Southern Cross Station Stairs

I decided to observe a space at Southern Cross Station, which is located on the western edge of the Melbourne Central Business District. At the northern end of the building, there are 41 wide stairs that connect an elevated walkway to the intersection of Swanston and Bourke Streets. What I sought to understand is how […]

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Push & Pull of Global Cities

I work for a company that is very much part knowledge and service industries and contributes to the networked economy. To grow and adapt, it has embraced the concept of global cities. Sassen states “global city brings a strong emphasis on the networked economy because of the nature of the industries that tend to be […]

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